Equatel Health™. Connecting rural communities with public healthcare solutions.

Billions of people around the world still have no access to health education. At Equatel Health, we are trying to change that. Healthcare should be a human right, not a privilege depending on where you live. For the past two years we have been spearheading the e-health sector, providing remote management and healthcare solutions with our EHR platform.


What is Equatel Health?

Equatel Health is a centralized e-health management system. As an EHR platform, health ministries and NGO health programs can use it to input and organize data and to track statistics. Doctors can use it to diagnose and treat patients remotely. Patients can use it to access immediate medical care, prescriptions, health alerts and education.


How do patients access Equatel Health?

Patients use our android-based device, Equatel Touch. Our public access kiosks are installed in convenient locations throughout the rural setting. Patients access health services by inserting their personal SIM card or smart card. The card ensures a secure and personalised user experience.


What can patients expect from Equatel Health?

With Equatel health patients can expect an entire healthcare service at their fingertips.

  • Patients can schedule appointments with healthcare professionals and communicate with them using the built in camera.
  • Users can schedule healthy check-ups to monitor pregnancies.
  • Vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure and heartrate can be checked with a variety of medical sensors which attach to the Equatel Touch. These are used by the patient with the oversight and guidance of the remote healthcare professional.
  • Users can undergo eyesight and hearing tests.
  • Users can access various educational tutorials on pregnancy, first aid, nutrition and topical health issues.
  • Users can be notified of regional health alerts as they happen.
  • Patients can receive prescriptions and purchase verified medication.

How do medical professionals access Equatel Health?

Medical professionals can securely access the EHR platform and all remote e-health services directly from their personal computer, tablet or the Equatel Touch.


What can medical professionals expect from Equatel Health?

Medical professionals can expect a user-friendly yet comprehensive healthcare apparatus.

  • The healthcare professional has complete access to the patient’s medical record and can diagnose and prescribe medication remotely. All information is logged and stored in the cloud for continued medical management.
  • Equatel Touch can be connected to a variety of medical attachments in addition to simple tools such as heartrate and blood pressure sensors. Some of these advanced features are, glucose monitors, blood diagnostics, hearing tests, eye tests, stethoscopes and ultrasounds.
  • The healthcare professional can remotely pull-up content, display it on the patient’s screen and talk a patient through performing simple medical checks and procedures.


How can governments, health ministries and NGO’s benefit from Equatel Health?

Equatel Health means a healthier population, a strong healthcare workforce and an accurate health database.

  • Remote healthcare protects healthcare workers. Health workers are 20-30 times more at risk of exposure to contagious diseases than the general population. Equatel’s remote healthcare solutions eliminate this risk altogether.
  • Gathering health statistics is a necessary part of healthcare management. Providing rural communities with healthcare via Equatel’s platform allows for consistency and accuracy in gathering health statistics on regional health issues or epidemics.
  • With Equatel’s remote devices notifying users of health alerts, epidemics can be managed or prevented completely.
  • Equatel’s SIM or smart card identification and payment process allows for complete tracking and verification of monetary stipends offered by healthcare agencies and NGO’s. This ensures that all money is being spent correctly and by the approved patient.


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