How Equatel Health Helps Remote Patients Manage Diabetes

With Equatel Health, people with diabetes who live remotely can be monitored consistently in the comfort of their own community. Our telemedicine platform incorporates certified glucose meters and retinal scanners to facilitate the highest standards of diagnostic accuracy.

Produced by leading medical tech companies, Equatel Health’s medical peripherals are highly certified and fully integrated with our public access kiosks and EHR system. Readings are obtained immediately and transmitted automatically to the patient’s electronic medical file.

Our platform offers geriatric patients, babies and expectant mothers or people with chronic ailments like asthma or diabetes the ability to receive regular screenings and treatment, preventing complications and hospitalisation.

Ranging from vital signs monitoring like pulse oximetry and thermometry to advanced diagnostics like ultrasounds and ECG’s, our remote diagnostics enable health professionals to provide long-term care in many fields including diabetes, asthma, paediatrics, prenatal and obstetrics, basic and infectious disease management, geriatrics and more.

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