What we do

Four billion people across the world still have no access to telephony and the internet. equatel is changing that. UK-based and with offices all over Africa, we provide enable voice, data, VAS, mobile money and internet solutions to the under-served and rural communities that need them most. Our products are affordable, robust, easy to use and implement, and feature the latest technology.

For MTN Rwanda the equatel SIM PayPhone is a simple solution to enable people to both make a phone call, and access other services via the GSM network. People who would not otherwise be able to, because of their location or finances can now be part of the connected world.

We partner with leading technology companies all over the world to develop the Equatel products ensuring their quality and integrity. We also look to partner with regional system integrators, in addition to supporting organizations with the ability to deploy, maintain and resell our solutions. Giving our customers first rate services to support their installations, providing advice and knowledge in the implementation of their projects.

Many of our customers’ projects are jointly funded between telecommunications carriers and local governments or NGOs. We are interested in hearing from companies with experience of deploying technology solutions in the field, who are looking to add products to their portfolio enabling them to deliver solutions that support social and financial inclusion projects for local and national governments, carriers and private enterprise. Please email sales@equatel.com with your details, and our local representative will contact you.

Our Partners

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